TOP 3 Best BBC Series

TOP 3 Best BBC Series

BBC Television is the world’s largest broadcaster. The BBC, the world’s first national broadcasting organization based in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1922. The broadcaster receives grants from the British government and is therefore unable to display commercials in any of its media within the United Kingdom (on television, radio, or the internet). The BBC is a leader among UK broadcasters in the size of its budget. As the companies such as Netflix or HBO are leading the market, people forget about other producers. However, BBC has amazing series to offer also.

TOP 3 Best BBC Series
TOP 3 Best BBC Series

Peaky Blinders

For true fans of the series about the criminal world, the series “Birmingham Gang” will give the best impression and will be included from the very first series. The plot of the series, famous for its obvious brutality, revolves around the Shelbi family, who founded an illegal business in Birmengem in the 1920s. A story is told about the activities of a mafia group called “Peaky Blinders” raging in the streets of Birmingham. Interestingly, the series is based in part on factual facts – in interwar Birmingham, one of the most brutal and influential criminal groups, famous for its cold-bloodedness, was in fact engaged in illegal activities. The gang got this name because they had sewn sharp knives in the beakers of their hats.

At the center of the gang is the entire Shelby family – Tom (actor Cillian Murphy), his aunt Poly (actor Hellen McCroy), sister Ada (actor Sophie Rundle), brothers Arthur (Paul Anderson) and John (Joe Cole). Shelbi’s family is extremely stubborn, seeking to expand beyond Birmingham. However, the series is not just about business, smuggling and violence, it tells many love stories, shows family dramas and deep psychological problems that can upset even the toughest viewer.


A cult story about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson. True, this time it is presented through the prism of modern society. Dr. When he returns to London, he is looking for a room to stay in. Searches lead him to an apartment to share with Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant but eccentric private detective.

Together, they tackle the toughest challenges and investigate the most enigmatic crimes. Watson describes the adventures of the two of them in a blog that soon takes to become popular, and Holmes becomes a celebrity. Journalists follow and describe both the results of his research and his personal life. Both ordinary people and the British government are asking for his help. While many different crimes are played in different episodes, the whole story is accompanied by Holmes ’conflict with the genius criminal, Jim Moriartis. The new version of Artur Konan Doil is going to captivate the hearts of many viewers.


The gloomy and shocking series Luther, created by the British BBC One, gives viewers the opportunity to dive into the dark side of everyday life, which the main character of the series, the insightful detective, John Luther (actor Idris Elba), must fight. Luther is a full-fledged chief detective in the London Hard Investigation Team. Controlled by strong emotions and constant thoughts flowing into his head, he is constantly maneuvering between genius and doom. True, life and love are the greatest values of a detective, and he treats the importance of his work as the fact that we have only one life, so no matter who takes their lives, they must pay for it.

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