Tom Hooper – The British Movie Maker Who is Making Cats The Musical

For an entertainment and movie lover, to understand and grasp the making style of British cinema takes some effort. Their unique sense of making movies really stands out and gets to the point without beating about the bush.

Tom Hooper
Tom Hooper

The film rarely features any background music to distract the audience from grasping the content. When the movies are made with music in mind, then it is fabulous how the entire plot is laid out for the audience. British cinema has been experimenting with making popular musicals into movies to reach the worldwide audience, and the result has been box-office shattering hits. The burst into the musical making scene began recently when Tom Hopper released the movie adaptation of Les Miserables. The movie did very well in the worldwide box office, and it was just inevitable that Tom Hopper would do it again – this time with a movie adaptation of the musical ‘Cats.’

Cats The Musical

The musical is one of the classic ones that theatre and music lovers have been sucked into with humans playing the roles of cats. The clothes and the plot of the musical had put a new twist into the life of cats in an alleyway. The 90s hit song ‘memories’ from the musical has been a hit, and it is likely that while not many may know about ‘cats’ they would have surely heard the song at some point. The composer of the musical has been epecting the movie to be made since 2003. Now with the success of Les Miserables, the time has finally arrived to take the iconic ‘Cats’ from broadway to the big screen and tug at heartstrings.

Hooper and His Troopers

Tom Hooper saw the commercial success of Les Miserables that made more than $400 million around the world. As a British movie maker, Tom Hooper has all the traits that make him stand out one. The closeups, the focus on what is happening on the screen, its all in the movie. Many critics believed that it did not work too well for Les Miserables and might not work for Cats either. Truth be told, the box-office rating would say a different story. A movie about Cats is usually a hit with any age of the audience. Especially, cats who are dancing, singing and doing all things cats. The movie would mix the live-action and include elements of animation to make the musical film stand out from the play. The costumes on the broadway musical were fabulous, and the televised version of the play was just as astounding. Today when technology can successfully marry costumes and acting to enhance the quality of the viewing experience, the movie is one that audiences around the world are looking forward to visiting, and perhaps relive the 90s when the show was initially cast. What’s more is that seeing the success of Tom Hooper’s past movies, the upcoming film is said to carry all the best traits and a more evolved form of cinema that Hooper is capable of delivering.   

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