The Shakespeare in Love Sets in England That Are Open to Visitors

Visitors from around the world visit London for a taste of history and some fantasy. From book lovers to avid movie fanatics, there is more to London than meets the eye. The beautiful sceneries and castles captured in the film bring out the spectacular art and history that is original to the United Kingdom. Many movies have been made and set created around London and in the countryside of England. If you’ve caught the travel bug and you are a massive fan of English movies, then make sure you visit the different locations, where award-winning films have been made.

Shakespeare in Love at The Broughton Castle

Let’s start with a movie that was made right in London. The movie itself is set to portray ancient London and adds to the classic romance genre of the film. The comic relief in the film and the fictitious nature of the screenplay is captured beautifully. The script focuses on Shakespeare falling in love with a girl he can’t have and captures the cross-dressing era of the Shakespearean era. Be sure to watch the Broughton Castle in Branbury. People familiar with the movie would be able to relate it to the house of Viola de Lesseps in the film.

The Famous Balcony

The bedroom of Viola was not in the castle but in a studio setting. The outside of her bedroom window and the balcony was a false balcony, attached to the exterior of the castle.  The hall inside the castle was the setting for the dance where Viola and Will meet. The same castle is used as a set in the 2011 movie – Madness of King George, Lady Jane and in Three Men and a Little Lady too. The other locations used in the film are the Hatfield House in Hatfield. This location laid the set for the fireworks party where Viola meets with the Queen. The site is also used in other movies such as Batman and Tomb Raider.

Churches and Colleges

Head to the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great to see the place that played host to the set in the film, for the part where Shakespeare asks for forgiveness. The same church has been used in several movies like Robin Hood, Four Weddings and a Funeral and The End of the Affair. Not to forget Sherlock fans will find a bit of their favorite movie’s setting right in the church. In the light of historical locations, the Eton College Quad was also used as a set for when Viola marries Wessex.

Other locations that were used as sets for the movie are the Marble Hill House in Twickenham and Holkham Beach. Both places are famous and have been used several times in other films as well. While Shakespeare in love is not a favorite for some movie buffs, the historical locations that the film was shot in are fabulous places to visit and get your dose of history from. The historical relevance of the locations has a story to share, just as they are and gives a movie fan much more than they come for.