The English Actors Who Command the Biggest Pounds

Many actors are talented in England. However, select few will go down in history as the most remarkable ones. Their contribution to the movie and entertainment industry is often measured by the amount they get paid, for their roles. From playing doctors to playing secret agents, these actors are the most popular and paid top pounds. Many actors are very talented. However, their rise to fame is a very long way off, and this, in turn, affects their bank accounts.

Sir Sean Connery Competes on His Way to The Top

Anyone who has heard of Sean Connery would think that he is by far the best and the highest actor alive. However, he comes in at the 20th place after many A-List actors from America. His net worth is put at a whopping $120 million. For some time, fans around the world thought that his popularity was winding down. However, in a survey, Connery stayed right at the top where he belongs. Not bad for the 88-year-old Bond actor, to be one of the highest paid and highly demanded actors of all time.

Helena Bonham Carter’s Eerie Talent

This fabulous actor has been steadily rising to fame, and the bucks keep rolling in. Her award-winning performance in the Harry Potter series has shot her to fame in the last two decades. The actress commands respect from her fans in the eerie roles she picks and brings the bums to the seats in the box office ratings. Her more anticipated movies for this year are thrillers, that would suit her persona well and continue to impress fans. While she is nowhere near the highest pay yet, her ability to impress the newer audiences defiantly has an impact.

Hugh Grant Stays Funny

The Notting Hill hero is a favorite for his amazing comic timings. His sarcastic and often dry humor is very appreciated by fans worldwide. This British film star is next at the top after Sean Connery’s fame. With an impressive £5 million pounds for his most famous movie, Notting Hill; Hugh continues to draw salaries in the millions. To date, the female audiences are drawn to his sweet English looks and thick funny accent. So, if he keeps his humor up, this star is set to stay on the top for years to come.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Bank Account is Not Silent

Everyone who has even heard of Anthony Hopkins knows him for the Silence of The Lambs. His role in the Hannibal trilogy shot him to immense fame, and he has since, stayed at the top. Commanding an easy £8 Million per movie is pocket change to Sir Hopkins. His rankings and takings from the box office climb with even a little guest appearance in film and show. His popularity has only been growing over the years, and audiences are drawn to his very presence on screen. While his fame continues to rise, so does his bank account.

Jude Law’s Drawing More as Time Passes

A popularity list can never be complete without the mention of England’s famous Jude Law. The talented actor has made his audience fall in love with every character he has played for decades. From his sharp eyes and features manifested in the Talented Mister Ripley to Sherlock’s Watson in recent times, the actor has an unforgettable face. Jude Law is set to keep audiences in love with him with all the movies he has lined up and the checks rolling in.

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