Sino-British Film Collaborations Focus on Documentaries and Romantic Comedies

The English have started seeing the potential they can achieve if they cancollaborate with Chinese filmmakers. The massive economic potential that the collaboration offers have been providingthe world of filmmakers the ability to make and scale their movie making budgets. The brilliant storylines, creative processes and cultural exchange as part of Chinese collaboration have the promise to elevate the potential of filmmakers.

England has been behind when it came to signing the Sino-British co-production rights. After 1949. China slowly started collaborating with other countries such as Hong Kong and Hollywood. The move was a strategy to enhance the revenue and move toward reformation. Over the years over 89 permits have been issues for movies to be produced in collaboration with other countries. Out of all the partnerships offered, 89 grants were picked up by Hong Kong alone, making them the ones getting the best out of the collaborative deal.

The Entry of English Films into The Sino-British Collaborative Environment

In the year 2013, the Prime Minister of UK paid a visit to China for a trademission. He was accompanied with over 100 people in business from the UK. Several business deals were signed following the trip, and one of them was the co-production rights. The tax benefits of the collaboration are to allow Chinese filmmakers to find Film Tax Relief through these movies and viceversa. The television co-production dealsigned a couple of years later, only strengthen the media relationships between the countries. The promise of English television shows and movies, reaching thevast Chinese audience shows promise of massive growth over the years.

However, as part of the new trade deal, only one film has been released. Earth: One Amazing day was premiered in Beijing in August of 2017 and was a collaboration between BBC and SMG. Jackie Chan narrated the Mandarin version of the movies while Robert Redford told the English counterpart. The reasoning behind the documentary is possibly because it is one of the safest bets to make when it comes to a collaboration of a new kind. Filmmakers in England have found that there is a lack of rating systems in China when it comes to movies, and the educational documentary industry seems like a greatway to introduce a relationship between China and the United Kingdom.  

The Promise of Bigger and Better Productions

The current filmmaking climate shows significant promise in the documentary sector. However, there is a promise of filming and collaborating for romantic comedies, especially with the film ‘Special Couple.’ The movie showcases Hong Kong, Chinese and British stars which form a classical trio in the romantic comedy. The movie is about childhood friends who grew up in China but decided to move to London together. The film has both Chinese and British production houses involved. Their choice of British actor in the movie is also a familiar face with the Chinese audience. The UK and the Chinese government closely monitor the performance and the partnerships of the media companies. The English filmmakers are cautious about taking small steps and reaping a big harvest in the long run. The movies made so far show potential and promise – the perfect recipe for a long-standing success.

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