English Movie Star Rowan Atkinson – An Actor with Speech Impairment

In the movie industry, any unique feature is considered a blessing. As long as you can stand out amongst the crowd, your talent or impairment is welcome. However, those with speech impairments stay away from the silver screen in fear of being ridiculed for not being able to deliver dialogues. When individuals look past their inabilities, they can find that anyone can succeed. This issue is especially valid with Rowan Atkinson, Britain’s favorite comedian. Not only did he manage to showcase his acting skills he also managed to hide the fact that he had a stutter for years. The actor was focused entirely on his acting in most of his movies; he did not have to deliver any dialogues.

The Life and Story of Rowan Atkinson

From the time he was a child, Rowan Atkinson suffered from a severe stutter. The Mr. Bean actor started acting in school plays. He was born in the year 1955 and is one of four children. As a shy and rubber-faced child, his teachers least expected any greatness from his position. However, he was an excellent student and excelled in the engineering industry. After his Master’s in Engineering, he took up acting seriously and became good at the art of comedy.

The plain-looking boy, who had nothing outstanding about him, was on his way to becoming one of Britain’s favorites. The quiet, shy boy who did well in his education and just got through every day minding his own business, transformed to an exceptional actor on stage. He was bullied and scared as a child in school. However, when he was on stage, he knew he did not have to conform to society and its expectation and could be anything he wanted to be. In recent interviews, the actor has suggested that acting in part helped with his speech impairment and gave him an avenue to escape.

Rowan Atkinson’s Rise to Fame

While attending Durham Choristers School, with Prime Minister Tony Blaire, he underwent extensive speech therapy for his impairment. As he continued on his acting pursuits after school, the actor finished his master’s in electrical engineering from Oxford University and met some of the most influential people in his life. During his university days is when he met Richard Curtis whom he had collaborated with in the Blackadder Series. His performances have been regarded as being “Pure Genius,” and in no time, the actor was seizing awards and overtaking the veterans in movies.

His journey to fame has not been an easy one. The massive success that has come with his accomplishments has not pushed away his ailment. The actor revealed that the struggle with speech impairment continues to thrive in him and comes out at the quietest times. The actor finds that he can talk stutter-free when he is somebody other than himself on stage. As a British actor, Rowan has accomplished several accolades for himself and country. His perseverance in spite of problems has helped him overcome everything that has stood in his path to success.

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