English Actors Steal the Limelight From Hollywood – England’s Film World

Known for their aristocratic style and acting skills, British actors have always garnered popularity and fame. Over time, Hollywood established itself, and the number of movies in Hollywood is currently skyrocketing. However, many fans and media services are turning away from Hollywood actors toward the newest A-list British actors. American actors are known for their dashing smiles and their extremely carefree behavior, but the British are more constrained, giving off elegance and posture that only an English actor can pull-off. Actors like George Clooney or Ben Affleck is grinning and waving whereas they completely pale in comparison when they stand next to Britain’s Tom Hiddleston.

Let’s face it, American actors need no more than a glance when compared to British Actors. Why?

Perhaps, it is because they have attended posh schools like Seven Oaks and Oxford or do they naturally have that kind of personality? Whatever said and done, their elegant back postures, stiff upper lips, and charm in turning their heads no more than a few degrees, all add to their stay at the top. They almost never smile. Actors always wear their custom-made Italian suits and tuxes, leaving the media wanting more. You can expect them to make an entrance as weird as being accompanied by a large hound and a distant horn, and still look incredibly classy.

The British stars are not desperate for a close-up that it almost seems like they are uneasy with the attention. Actors like Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne are both ex-students from Cambridge and Eton. They had a posh life full of fancy uniforms, ties and suits. They live up to the saying of ‘Real men always dress well’ to the ‘T.’ All British actors’ manliness is based on monarchy, formality, manners, and education. American actors, on the other hand, are spoon-fed with Rolexes, sneakers and Levi’s jeans.

The Americans are now debating, how the British Actors are over-taking Hollywood. The matter which was once a joke isn’t one anymore. The drastic difference was first noticed in the year 2011. However, the initial rise to fame was thought to have been a temporary novelty. A phase that would pass sooner then it arrived. However, the so-called “phase” became an actual trend, and the British were soon elected to portray the characters of Marvel superheroes like Andrew Garfield being cast as the great Web Swinger Spiderman. Tom Hiddleston was also cast as the mischievous and rebellious God – Loki, and Henry Cavil as the one and only Kal-El aka Superman.

Soon the directors started choosing the British actors over the Americans for roles in movies and TV series. We’ve all known Harry Potter for decades now, but what we don’t know well is the story behind the casting. The famous British actor Daniel Radcliffe was not the first audition. Liam Aiken, was Hollywood’s darling, but then came Radcliffe, and the role was practically gifted over to him. After the last chapters of the finale were released, Daniel gave up his wizard right to his upcoming movie ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Trying’, and this his popularity began to rise. The same is true for so many British actors who have been stealing American jobs. Whatever the controversy, as audiences, we get to enjoy the best of both world and unique characters from the East and the West.

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