England’s Finest Authors Whose Books Have Been Made into Movies

Books turned into movies is always a much-anticipated release. The English ace the race to writing novels and screenplays to suit the film, that everyone would love. Some of the famous works by classic novelists are already made into movies and television series. The trend has continued even into this era, which is no surprise, given the talent that the authors have surpasses every expectation. Some movies become so popular that people don’t even realise that they are book adaptations.

The Invisible Man by H.G Wells

If you have existed through the early 1980s, you would be familiar with the TV show with the same title that wowed audiences worldwide. However, The Invisible man might have died as a TV show, but he is set to take the silver screen soon. Trailers and critics have been highly anticipating the release of this book as a movie. The movie as such did not perform as well in the box office. However, it’s a great way for today’s generation to catch up on the brilliant works of H.G. Wells.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming

The movie was released in the late 1960s and was an instant hit. The adventurous fantasy movie was an adaptation of the book by Ian Fleming. This is something that many people don’t know. Though the screenplay was written by Roald Dahl and the movie was directed by Ken Hughes, the actual essence comes from the works of Ian Fleming. The film features an aero-engineered car and the magic behind the dynamics of the film was appreciated by young children the world over.

About a Boy by Nick Hornby

Britain’s favorite comedy hero, Hugh Grant acts in this British dramatic comedy movie. The film is based on the novel created by Nick Hornby and was produced by Universal Pictures. The book was also made into a TV show that ran for a short span. Very few fans know that this epic coming of age movie is based largely on a book. The movie brilliantly captures the essence of everyday families in England and their coping with everyday life. The comedy is neatly weaved well into both the film and the book, interestingly.

The Bond Series by Ian Fleming

Everyone has heard of James Bond and the suave character that plays the different Bond actors over decades. For decades, the movies have been entirely enthralling audiences. While the movie credits mention Ian Fleming, little do people know that the famous 007 comes from a book. If you have ever heard of the phrase that the books are always better than the movie; then that’s a false statement with regards to James Bond. The British Spy took to the silver screen as a better character than the book ever will. People were able to visualize the different gadgets that 007 showed off in his style. Nevertheless, the credit still goes to Ian for the mastermind and the vision behind the famous spy.

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