England’s Actors Can Surprisingly Sing Too

Bringing unique talent to the big screen is what makes movie stars stand out. The more talents you bring to the table, the more popular you become, is the norm. Some great actors have a lot more to offer than just acting. Their talents in sport, music or even cooking are sometimes never brought to the spotlight. The same goes for some singers who are known for their songs but never for their other talents. Famous musicians and actors manage to squeeze in opportunities in their other talents once they have become a favorite.

David Bowie’s Acting Stint

Few singers get a chance to be actors. All the stars aligned for British born David Bowie, in this case. Bowie is known for his roles in several movies, where he plays other singers or himself. Having acted in over ten movies, it is safe to say that David Bowie has his cake and eats it too. He used the acting platform to reveal bits and pieces of his life as a struggling musician. Playing alter-egos of himself, Bowie has been able to wow the audience’s worldwide with his fabulous talent, as an actor. Take, for example, the movie Blackstar. Many fans and critics did not know that the movie was about Bowie himself, and his role as Button Eyes is about the aura of gloom that he felt lingered around him.

Kiera Knightly Surprisingly Sings and Really Well Too

Britain’s sweetheart has the voice of an angel as critics claim. Her talent in singing was not showcased until she was asked to play the part of a budding singer in Begin Again. Acting opposite Mark Ruffalo, Kiera performed for the first time and audiences were stunned. The music that was picked for her complimented her voice perfectly, while she played the guitar at the bar. Well, she doesn’t know how to play the guitar and must fake it. While her fans worldwide have been becoming for an encore, Kiera is very sure she doesn’t want to do a musical in her career.

Audrey Hepburn’s Soft Voice

Anyone who loves the yearning music behind the song Moon River has probably watched breakfast at Tiffany’s. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn showcased her voice for the role, and it was a real surprise, for people who lived through the era. Known for usually having her songs dubbed by other singers, the song was one of the first times that England’s Audrey, performed. Mancini, the writer of the song, felt it was perfect for Audrey to sing in her soft sweet voice herself and gave her the thumbs up. The song then went on to be re-recorded over 500 times by several actors and musicians. However, the melodramatic voice that Audrey brought to the song still lingers.

Hugh Laurie Can Sing to Blues

Over the last few years, Hugh Laurie has been gaining a lot of recognition. And not just for his role as the rude and talented Gregory House, MD. As one of the highest paid TV show actors, the UK born Hugh has been wowing audiences with his performances as a singer. He has recorded many songs and is excellent on the piano. His best performances are in the blues style of music, and he has stirred up an era for actors to venture into music again.

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