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What Makes Movies from England Unique

When you talk about cinema in England, you are looking at a film that is made from raw and realistic ideas. From the themes to the actors, there is a clear distinction when you compare English cinema with the rest of the world. The values shared by the British are loudly showcased in the films, […]

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The British Movies That Delivered on The Horror Front

The English have mastered the horror genre. Perhaps it is because of their realistic books; the English seem to have a flair for horror. Some of the horror movies made by the English go down in the hall of fame as the best of all time, with its unique scare features. The actors who have […]

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Why Movie Makers Choose to Film in England

While making movies in Hollywood head to New York and California for their shooting spots, many film makers have been choosing to film in England these days. The production and post-production teams have found that the advantages of filming in England exceeds expectations. Movie makers find that the implications and advantage in England is better […]

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