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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Sino-British Film Collaborations Focus on Documentaries and Romantic Comedies

The English have started seeing the potential they can achieve if they cancollaborate with Chinese filmmakers. The massive economic potential that the collaboration offers have been providingthe world of filmmakers the ability to make and scale their movie making budgets. The brilliant storylines, creative processes and cultural exchange as part of Chinese collaboration have the […]

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007 is Shaken and Not Stirred – England’s James Bond

Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books decades ago, but little did he realize the popularity of the books or the films for years after he had written them. By far, the Bond movies are one of the most popular English film that the American audience has completely loved and adored. While, the blue-eyed, dark-haired […]

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7 English Actresses Who Are Young and Stealing the Show

There is much to brag about when the English offer up some of the best actresses in their region. Without a doubt,the bright-eyed women have been stealing the limelight from time immemorial. The younger generation of English actresses continues to add to the achievements of their predecessors as well. These women are more than just […]

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