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Monthly Archives: August 2018

The English Actors Who Command the Biggest Pounds

Many actors are talented in England. However, select few will go down in history as the most remarkable ones. Their contribution to the movie and entertainment industry is often measured by the amount they get paid, for their roles. From playing doctors to playing secret agents, these actors are the most popular and paid top […]

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English Movie Star Rowan Atkinson – An Actor with Speech Impairment

In the movie industry, any unique feature is considered a blessing. As long as you can stand out amongst the crowd, your talent or impairment is welcome. However, those with speech impairments stay away from the silver screen in fear of being ridiculed for not being able to deliver dialogues. When individuals look past their […]

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England’s Actors Can Surprisingly Sing Too

Bringing unique talent to the big screen is what makes movie stars stand out. The more talents you bring to the table, the more popular you become, is the norm. Some great actors have a lot more to offer than just acting. Their talents in sport, music or even cooking are sometimes never brought to […]

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The Shakespeare in Love Sets in England That Are Open to Visitors

Visitors from around the world visit London for a taste of history and some fantasy. From book lovers to avid movie fanatics, there is more to London than meets the eye. The beautiful sceneries and castles captured in the film bring out the spectacular art and history that is original to the United Kingdom. Many […]

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