007 is Shaken and Not Stirred – England’s James Bond

Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books decades ago, but little did he realize the popularity of the books or the films for years after he had written them. By far, the Bond movies are one of the most popular English film that the American audience has completely loved and adored. While, the blue-eyed, dark-haired secret agent works for the British Secret Service in all his roles, his travels scale across some of the most exotic places inthe planet with the luxurious life offered by the Americans. While the Bond books were aimed to talk about the English Secret Service, the poverty-stricken British empire only looked to the world for its luxury, which is the main reason why Bond adopts a lot of international flavors.

For years, the Bond movies have continued to thrive and entertain the worldwide audiences. It is almost as if time has never moved for the critically acclaimed James Bond and his adventures. In today’s movie world, most of the movies are made to appeal to the American and worldwide audience for the commercial aspect. When you take into consideration the acquired taste of the British films, the Bond movies are adapted to please every part of the globe. The luxury and the gadgets continue to grow, while the Bond men continue to be played by the best tall, dark and handsome men on the planet.

Here are 15 Facts About the Bond Movies That is Least Known:

  1. Goldfinger is the first Bond movie where 007 drives his famous Aston Martin
  2. All the Bond predecessors like 002, 003, 004 and 009 have been killed in the film
  3. Pierce Brosnan killed the most number of people in any Bond movie
  4. Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun killed the least amount of people
  5. Craig is the youngest Bond than the series of Bond movies
  6. President JFK’s last film to watch was From Russia, With Love
  7. More than 15 BMW 750s were destroyed when making Tomorrow Never Dies
  8. In the books, James Bond became 007 at the age of 38
  9. The boat chase in The World isnot Enough took seven whole weeks to shoot
  10. SPECTRE is an anagram for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
  11. The original James Bond according to the books was not a very likable personality
  12. The original bond from the books was also not a spy but an assassin who had a problem with gambling
  13. Bond and the Bond Girls have to be multilingual
  14. A bond girl has to have exceptional fitness levels to keep up with Bond himself and still be delicate
  15. Exceptional talent with weaponsor special skills is a must for a Bond Girl

Bond movies are known to be priceless and hardly run out of fashion. Even the oldest Bond movies carry significant popularity not just in England but the rest of the world. England has brought culture to the rest of the world through their literature, and the famous Bond man from the writing continues to live and thrive.

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